What are myKatherine Discounts?

myKatherine Discounts are digital discounts with a monetary value that can be used to make purchases at participating businesses in the Katherine municipality. 

Why were myKatherine discounts created?

myKatherine has been created to stimulate and increase spending across the Katherine municipality during the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The program was expanded from myDarwin to myKatherine and is supported by City of Darwin and the Northern Territory Government.

Is myKatherine a mobile app or a website?

myKatherine is a website application and is not available on Google play store or the Apple app store. 

Who can use the myKatherine Discounts?

Anyone over the age of 18 years old who is visiting or living in the Katherine area can use myKatherine Discounts.

How do I register my business?

Register here for free to submit your merchant application. Once eligibility criteria are met and approved, your business will be listed in the respective category.

How do I find out if my business is eligible for the program?

Please refer clause 3. Merchant Eligibility in our Merchant Terms and Conditions  for all eligibility related questions.  

How do I get myKatherine Discounts?

Register here to create a login to the myKatherine portal. Once registration is approved the myKatherine , the home page will display your available discounts.

How much myKatherine discounts do I get?

Every registered user will receive $40 worth of myKatherine Discounts per day until myKatherine program funds are all redeemed. Used discounts are replenished daily. This will be made available in:

  • 2 x $2.50 discount
  • 1 x $5 discount voucher
  • 1 x $10 discount voucher
  • 1 x $20 discount voucher. 
How does the myKatherine Discount work?

The myKatherine discount can be used at all participating merchants. But a minimum spend is required for each transaction. The minimum spend for the discounts are as follows. 

  • To use the $2.50 myKatherine Discount the minimum spend amount is $10
  • To use the $5 myKatherine Discount the minimum spend amount is $20
  • To use the $10 myKatherine Discount the minimum spend amount is $40
  • To use the $20 myKatherine Discount the minimum spend amount is $80
How many myKatherine Discounts can I use per day?

You can use all $40 worth of discounts in a day. But conditions apply such as minimum spend and one discount per transaction, a limit of one discount per merchant per day. 

  • Example 1: On Monday, use a $5 discount at Merchant A, then use another discount at Merchant B.
  • Example 2: On Monday, use a $5 discount at Merchant A. No other discount can be used at Merchant A on this day.
  • Example 3: On Monday, use a $5 discount at Merchant A. On Tuesday, use another discount (of any value) at Merchant A.
Can I use a myKatherine Discount more than once?

Each myKatherine Discount is single use only. The full value of the discount must be used at each transaction. 

Where can I use the myKatherine Discounts?

A complete list of participating merchants can be found here 

How do I redeem myKatherine discounts?

Using an internet enabled smart device (smartphone, tablet) or computer, simply click the discount value you would like to use and show the unique 5 digital alpha-numeric digits to the cashier at time of payment. The myKatherine discounts can also be presented on a printout or redeemed over the phone. The user will need to read out the code and the merchant will need to validate it prior to charging for the transaction. 

How long are the discounts valid for?

Each unique registered user is assigned $40 per day with myKatherine Discounts. All myKatherine Discounts are only valid up until the program funds are all redeemed, and funds are no longer available. You can view the availability of the program funds on your dashboard when logged in and prior to using the discounts. 

Can myKatherine Discounts be used for delivery orders or online purchases e.g. food delivery?

myKatherine discounts can be used for in-person purchases and purchases that are made over the phone. Our discounts do not integrate with popular food delivery services or any online E-Commerce stores. 

Can I share myKatherine Discounts to family and friends?

myKatherine Discounts are non-transferrable, but you may recommend that family, friends and others register to get their own discounts.

Can I use myKatherine Discounts to buy alcohol and tobacco?

The program does not permit the discount to be applied for the purchase of alcohol and tobacco. 

Can I trade the vouchers for cash?

The program does not permit myKatherine Discounts to be traded for cash.


How do I reset my password?

From the login page, click on "Forgot your password?" or click here  to reset your password directly.

When I try to visit myKatherine website my device says ‘browser is unsupported’.

If you see this message you may need to upgrade the version of the internet browser that you are using. The myKatherine website works best on the latest versions of web browsers Apple Safari, Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox and Microsoft Edge. 

My account is blocked, how do I reactivate it?

Send an email to and advise the email address or mobile phone number associated with your account that needs to be unblocked.


How will my registration details be used? This includes mobile number and email address.

Your mobile number and email address will be used by the myKatherine Council to validate if it has been used previously to register for the scheme. All information is stored in and does not leave Australia. 

For more details please visit

Getting in touch with us

How do I get in touch with the myKatherine support team?

You may direct all email queries to or call Katherine Town Council on Phone: Phone: (08) 8972 5500 from Monday – Friday between 08:15am – 04:30pm, excluding public holidays.